The Eyelash Extension field has grown internationally in recent years. As a result, beginners and experienced craftsmen can benefit from new techniques and trends learned in professional training classes, with our company being the top choice among the numerous vocational programs on the cosmetic market.

We operate under the following criteria:

  • Inspire students, especially young people, who have a passion for beauty.
  • Provide training and a solid knowledge base to all who desire an attractive career change and a stable occupation.
  • Provide affordable products and quality assurance for everyone.
  • As founders of the company, and Asian, we continually strive to empower Asian people with the skills to stand firm in the US market.
Our founders are 3 established innovators and entrepreneurs in the beauty industry who will share their long-term experience, dedication, and passion with you.

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Tracey Phan has been in the beauty industry since 2002 in Houston, Texas – the   fourth largest city in the U.S.A., first as a manicurist and then training in multiple branches including skin care, non-permanent hair removal, microblading and fibro blasting.

Tracey opened her own salon in 2007, and eager to offer something unique, she learned how to do Classic Sets, knowing that people were no longer satisfied with old-fashioned synthetic eyelashes. 

To provide industry-wide superior quality, Tracey rigorously sampled various products, styles, colors, materials, adhesives, and tools, along with mastering the Multi-layer Lashes technique and the Russian Volume technique. As a result of her extensive efforts and personal development, Tracey was honored to become a Master at My Luxury Lash salon. 

According to Tracey, eyelashes and all things beauty are exemplary, so she is eager to meet others with the same devotion to excellence and share her knowledge and experience from 15-plus years in the industry.


Explore our Eyelash Extension Certification classes!

American Volume Course

$ 900+

American Volume Course. This program is ideal for students already certified in classic lashes and looking to advance their skill set in volume lashing.

Strip Lash Volume Course

$ 900+

Our Training Class is geared for students who have no prior lash extensions experience and who wish to become certified in applying semi permanent eyelash extensions.

Classic/Volume Duo Course

$ 2000+

This course is ideal for those looking to cover basic theory and application of both classic and volume techniques. No prior certification is required.